Why MySky Events?

We provide world-class event WiFi, allowing guests to have free WiFi to access social media and promote the event, as well as capture the guest’s data for marketing purposed during and after the event.

The solution also includes connectivity for vendors payment systems that normally struggle at events when the mobile GSM network is over utilised and back of house teams who need connectivity during the setup and event.

What can I include in the MySky Events Solution?


WiFi coverage that will cater for all event scenarios to ensure a great WiFi experience for everyone.


Internet options deployed in a short time and also different mediums to allow for redundancy.

Network Security

Firewalls to block unwanted content and prevent abuse, as well as prioritise certain traffic that might need a higher priority.


In the event the mobile networks become congested and normal cellular phone calls cannot be made.

CCTV Cameras

To add an additional level of security and monitoring for event organisers, during the setup, event, and breakdown.

Data Analytics

Customisable WiFi welcome screens to allow for advertising and data capturing of guests, with the ability to do targeted campaigns during the event. Live statistics of dwell times and general movement of people throughout the event.

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